Saving and copying cards from the Buzz box

The stacks of cards in the Buzz box highlight, explain and give examples of more than 100 emerging trends every month – and the best way to use Shooglebox is to grab any you think might be relevant or useful for your own brand or client and save it in a box of your own.

Start by setting up a couple of your own boxes where you can save things – you might want a FoodTok box for gathering food trends you come across, a box of trending CapCut templates to use on your socials, or just a "random inspiration" box full of things that might spark future ideas.

When you spot something that leaps out at you as you browse the Buzz box, click the top right corner of the card or stack and choose Copy.

You can now save the cards you’ve copied into one of your own boxes – in this case the FoodTok box we created. The Buzz box is read-only – you can’t edit or delete anything – but when you copy a card to your own box you can edit the front and back, and add more cards of your own.

The Buzz email newsletters and digests are one of the most  popular features of the service, with quick links to summary cards for new and emerging trends.

When you find a trend you want to investigate further it’s easy to save the entire stack of cards to one of your boxes. Close the summary card and hit Select at the top of the screen. Now choose Select All and Copy ... and save them to a new stack in your FoodTok box.

Another way to save complete stacks of cards is when you’re at the top level of the Buzz box. Stacks are coloured grey to help you quickly recognise them.

You can save a link to a stack in Buzz by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the card and selecting Copy URL.

Or you can copy the entire stack to one of your own boxes so you and your team can work on it, editing and adding cards. Choose Copy from the three dots menu at the bottom of the card and save it to the relevant box.

Here’s just a few of the things other Buzz subscribers do with their boxes:

  • Bookmark trends to come back to later so you don't forget where they are

  • Do more research into a trend yourself, adding your own findings alongside what's already in Buzz

  • Customise cards in a more personal way, adding notes or using colours and stickers to highlight areas of interest

  • Create a box to share with others in their team or wider business – a great way of bringing ideas and insights to life

  • Save things directly from TikTok when browsing your FYP

A Shooglebox team workspace really comes into its own when several members of the team work together to save and explore all the different things they spot in Buzz or in their own For You Pages – and you start to see the benefit of the very different interests and personalities across the team.

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