How to save Threads posts to Shooglebox

Shooglebox is perfect for saving Threads links straight from your phone that you want to come back to later or be able to find again easily. Links to Threads posts are saved as cards with the post caption on the front and a live embed and link back to the original post on the back.

Add cards straight from the Threads app on your mobile, or copy and paste Threads post links on your web browser. You can also edit the backs of cards to add your own notes and additional details.

To share a post straight from the Threads app, click the paper aeroplane icon on the post you want to share.

Saving a Threads card on Shooglebox

Choose the option to Share via ...

Saving a Threads card on Shooglebox

Choose Shooglebox from the list of sharing options, choose the box or stack you want to save to, and click 'Save'.

Saving a Threads card on Shooglebox

If you're an iPhone or iPad user and Shooglebox doesn't appear automatically in the list of available apps that you can share to then you might need to add it to your list of favourite share destinations. Click here to find out more.

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