Different ways of sorting cards

When you open a box or stack you can sort or shuffle your cards in different ways that help you explore themes, spot patterns and make connections.

The Sort option behind the three dots in the menu bar at the top of the page gives you the option to sort the sequence of cards in the current box or stack (Requires Shooglebox Pro):

Manually sorted – you can manually position cards by dragging them to the left or right of another card. You can also select multiple cards and drag to reposition them all in one go.

Newest first – the most recently added cards will appear at the top of the box or stack.

Oldest first – the oldest cards will appear at the top of the box or stack.

Colour – arranges cards by colour, if you've added colours to the front of cards.

Choosing sort options

If you're using Shooglebox Pro, you can also Shuffle to see your cards in a random order or add stickers or colours.

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