How to re-order cards in a box or stack

Once you've added cards to a box you can move them about to make it easier to spot patterns or to help you tell a story.

One way to rearrange your cards is to simply drag and drop your cards into the place you want them to appear.

First, make sure your box or stack is in manually sorted mode by choosing the option from the dropdown list of Sort options behind the three dots at the top of the page.

Three dots top menu bar
Sort options

Next, click on a card and drag it to the area of the grid you would like to move it to – a purple line shows where the card will be dropped.

Let go where you see the purple line and – ta-dah! – your card's moved.

Drag to reposition

If you want to move several cards at the same time, select the cards by either tapping the ✓ in the top right-hand corner of each card or by entering Select mode and tapping anywhere on the cards you're about about to move.  Each card will be highlighted purple as you select it.

Drag to reposition multiple

When you've finished selecting, there are two alternative methods you can use to move the cards to a new position:


1. Click and hold one of the cards to grab everything that you've selected and then drag the cards to the area of the grid you'd like to move them to. A dark purple line shows where the cards will be dropped.

​- or -

​2. With multiple cards selected, place your finger or cursor on the small gap between two of the cards on the grid where you'd like to move the selected cards to. A dark purple line will appear showing where the cards will be drop. Click or tap the purple line to move all of the selected cards to that location. This method is particularly handy if you're moving cards around on a large grid and the place you're wanting to move them to has scrolled out of view.

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